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Shane Kinney modsix@gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 03:44:12 UTC 2018

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 ..::[ The Bitcoin Foundation: STATE OF BITCOIN ADDRESS ]::..

     [        Date: 2018.03.28                          ]
     [   Co-Chairs: mod6 [R.01] && ben_vulpes [R.02]    ]

0x00]: Introduction

   It is with great honor and privilege that The Bitcoin Foundation embraces
   this opportunity to address the public on the state of current progress,
   obstacles and continuing steps in our mission.

0x01]: Accomplishments

  0x010: diana_coman's [R.03] node added to the list of Advertised Republican
         Nodes [R.04].

  0x011: In accordance with section 0x020 in last months report [R.05], mod6
         created a post [R.06] outlining a possible regrind of not only the
         The Bitcoin Reference Implementation Genesis, but also any descendant
         vpatches.  This is subject to change, as phf [R.07] is producing new
         vtools [R.08].  Regrinding all trb vpatches with keccac hashes will
         be considered.  More to come on this.

  0x012: One of the Foundation's two 1U Rack Mount Servers made it to Pizarro.
         The server is up and running in the Pizarro rack, and the full trb node
         on it is currently syncing.

0x02]: Complications and Obstacles

  0x020: There were complications with transporting all of the freight down to
         Pizarro; simply, too much weight in the packed bags [R.09]. The
         decision was made at the last possible moment to leave one of the
         Foundation's servers behind.  The server is safely in the care of
         ben_vulpes.  As such, that second server will most likely be racked
         somewhere locally; however, it will probably be shipped down to Pizarro
         at a later date when we have a well vetted courier to utilize.

  0x021: mod6 noticed during the month that his node was falling behind the
         current block, several times.  This was investigated with ben_vulpes,
         asciilifeform [R.0A], and trinque [R.0B].  To help further the
         investigation, mod6 rebuilt his own trb with debug symbols, as well as
         with ben_vulpes's excise hash truncation vpatch [R.0C].  The latter
         helps greatly and aught to be approved soon for insertion in the
         official trb vpatch tree.  In typical fashion, after mod6's rebuild
         with the changes and debugging symbols, the problem has not yet
         returned.  When it does, mod6 will take a memory dump / core file of
         the running trb for dissection.  However, for now, it seems like the
         issue may be attributed to a faulty ssd in the server.  mod6 will
         report on this as he has updates.

0x03]: Continuing Steps

  0x030: As March was a hectic month, mod6 was not able to tackle the following
         task from last month, so it's still at the top of the list: Taking a
         closer look and doing some testing with December's submission of two
         trb vpatches: One from asciilifeform, ``Aggressive PushGetBlocks''
         [R.0D], and from ben_vulpes, ``Increased PushGetBlocks Aggression
         Level'' [R.0E].

  0x031: Continue to analyze phf's new vtools for accuracy and for build

  0x032: An important task on mod6's agenda [as well as us all], is to work
         through asciilifeform's FFA chapters posted [R.0F] to his blog.  As
         soon as time can be reasonably allocated.

0x04]: Expenditures

  0x040: 0.12875883 BTC Payment for shipping one 1U Rack Mount Server to Pizarro
         and hosting expenses [R.10].

0x05]: Conclusion

   The Bitcoin Foundation would like to bestow our sincerest thanks and
   gratitude to the contributors and community for its support and insight.

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