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 ..::[ The Bitcoin Foundation: STATE OF BITCOIN ADDRESS ]::..

     [        Date: 2018.12.31                          ]
     [   Co-Chairs: mod6 [R.01] && ben_vulpes [R.02]    ]

0x00]: Introduction

   It is with great honor and privilege that The Bitcoin Foundation embraces
   this opportunity to address the public on the state of current progress,
   obstacles and continuing steps in our mission.

0x01]: Accomplishments

  0x010: mod6 continued his sabbatical throughout most of the month of December.
         The last week of the month with available time, mod6 was able to
         continue work on the TRB keccak vtree.

         mod6 is publishing his steps through this process in a series of blog
         posts.  The first step was to get acquainted with diana_coman's [R.03]
         V genesis [R.04].  Which was blogged about at mod6's personal website
         [R.05] at the end of the month.

         It has been noted that the current format of mod6's blog is less than
         desirable, as it doesn't allow for any feedback directly.  To remedy
         this situation, mod6 purchased a years worth of Shared Hosting from
         Pizarro, which includes wp-mp.  mod6's blog posts will begin migrating
         over to the new blog site.  Notice will be given when the migration is

         Furthering the work towards the TRB keccak vtree, mod6 has created
         the keccak vpatches, and is currently testing them.  There is currently
         a blog post being written detailing the creation of the vpatches.

         mod6 has also begun further work to refactor the TRB HOWTO Guide [R.06]
         detailing the new steps to build with a Keccak vtron.

0x02]: Continuing Steps

  0x020: mod6 will continue work on the TRB Keccak Vpatches:

         Publish a blog post detailing the creation of the vpatches.

         Find additional testers to ensure that mod6's updated TRB HOWTO
         Guide is accurate, and clearly stated.

         Upon completion of the above two goals, and peer review of the items
         in question, move towards a date where the Bitcoin Foundation website
         will be updated to host the keccak vpatches as the main vtree.

0x03]: Expenditures

  0x030: 0.03542500 BTC for colocation services at Pizarro [December] [R.07].

0x04]: Conclusion

   The Bitcoin Foundation would like to bestow our sincerest thanks and
   gratitude to the contributors and community for its support and insight.

[ References ]:
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  [R.02]: 4F79 0794 2CA8 B89B 01E2 5A76 2AFA 1A9F D2D0 31DA
  [R.03]: E72D CCB7 3A5E 0669 4C5C D781 D519 6EE6 390F 999E
  [R.04]: http://ossasepia.com/2018/11/13/v-with-vtools-keccak-hashes-and-its-own-tree/
  [R.05]: http://mod6.net/2018/December/29/diana_coman_v_genesis.txt
  [R.06]: http://thebitcoin.foundation/trb-howto.html
  [R.07]: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-12-11#1879742

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